Error on IBM LotusNotes

Hi guys,
This is the email. I am using Lotus Notes. However, I cannot get the price information. Please see screenshot below.

However, I keep on getting this error.

This is my XAML file. ExtractTextEmail.xaml (8.2 KB)

This is my error log

17:05:00.4905 Info {"message":"UberReceiptsAutomation execution ended","level":"Information","timeStamp":"2017-05-17T17:05:00.4935138+08:00","windowsIdentity":"MY\\KEEMY","agentSessionId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","processName":"UberReceiptsAutomation","fileName":"ExtractTextEmail","jobId":"d2b8c513-b969-47de-b9d8-ea94bbcb500d","totalExecutionTimeInSeconds":0}

Just try to reindicate and not a whole window just that tab body with attache browser.

yeah i did try that also.
I got the error too.

yeah indicate only the the email tab.

However, when I use the screen scrape, and I click on the Price element itself, it worked. I can get the value using ONLY FULL Text though. Native does not work. .

when you are using native tab is minimized?

These are my 3 steps

with Native I get this
NATIVE method failed to scrape this UI Element

With full text I get

But I dont understand why even after I record my screen scrape, it does not work when I run the sequence.

hey Akshay, any way to do email automation in Lotus?