Issue with get messages from IBM Lotus Notes

Hello all,

When i try to get messages from lotus i get error(please see attach). I cant find solution for this. I cant understand which char is uncorrect and where it exist. For my opinion this error is random. Some message lead to it, some not.
Text: “Source: Get IBM Notes Mail Messages; Message: An invalid character was found in the mail header: ‘.’.; Exception Type: System.FormatException”


P.S. sorry for quality and russian language, i dont have internet access on this machine


Could you please show me screenshot of Get IBM notes mail message activity properties. So that we can check and help you.

Its usual settings.

I am also facing the same problem.
Please suggest if you find any solution.


the same problem with you ,if you find any solution ,please share with me ,thank you .my email

See this post for some tips.

The proposed solution seems to be change a path in the registry. However this solution is ad hoc and doesn’t seem to work in my situation. Would appreciate some further help.