Error on : 03/13/2017 15:17:43 Could not find type 'SplitString' in namespace ''. Row: 743, Column: 186

Hi I’m getting the following error

03/13/2017 15:17:43 Could not find type ‘SplitString’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 743, Column: 186

Please let me know if any once have the same issue?

Are you trying to split a string? Try this:

Split(String Variable,split keyword)

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I am also having the same issue.

I am running a process on multiple machines however this issue is machine specific. Some machines can run the process with no issue however some do not.

Is it a software issue?

Can you share your xaml (preferably an isolated scenario)?
String.Split is so basic that I’m struggling to find a reason why it shouldn’t work - if you could isolate a situation where it doesn’t while the syntax is correct, there’s definitely something to it (maybe not specifically in UiPath but that machine, but still it’s really strange).

Nevermind, I missread it. Please make sure you have installed the same packages in all machines - specifically Microsoft.Activities.Extensions, since that’s where the SplitString activity is.

Your were correct in your edit, the machines that had the error now work after installing the package.

It was hidden by the packages being filtered from a fresh install of UiPath.

I also have sam problem. The error message show:
“message”: “System exception. Retry: 0. Cannot create unknown type ‘{}SplitString’. at Source: Invoke workflow file: UiPath.Core.Activities”,
“level”: “Warning”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “02:37:20”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6695.4520”,
“fileName”: “SetTransactionStatus”,
“jobId”: “dc269811-ca7f-48a0-ade0-3d907e8eaa07”,
“robotName”: “uipath5”,
“logF_BusinessProcessName”: “Framework”,
“logF_TransactionStatus”: “ApplicationException”,
“logF_TransactionNumber”: “1”,
“logF_TransactionID”: “253544”,
“logF_TransactionField1”: “”,
“logF_TransactionField2”: “”

Do you have answer to solve this problem? I also have same problem.

hey guys! Did you solve this problems? I just was checking an older robot but in this new version I have this problem. I don’t know which package I need install …

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Please include the package workflow activities manager by microsoft and check

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