SplitString Activity Missing in 2018.1.2?

UiPath Gurus,

I recently upgraded UiPath Studio from a 2017 version to the latest, 2018.1.2 version. Then I noticed that automations I created using the Split String Activity would fail to load in the action. I found a thread indicating that I needed to install the Microsoft.Activities.Extension package, which I did, but no Split String.

Thinking there was something corrupt about my installation, I installed UiPath on a fresh VM and created an empty project. Again there was no split string activity, even after adding the Microsoft.Activities.Extension package.

Only actions from the “Statements” namespace are added:

Has this action been removed? Are we to resort to using .NET calls for this?



Try installing Workflow Manager Activities (that’s the package name). It might’ve been there and in earlier versions it was installed by default, but it seems in newer ones it isn’t.
Both of those packages have activities from same namespaces hence sometimes its hard to find from which one it is.


Thanks for your reply. I eventually found it in Microsoft.Activities.Expressions!


after installing workflow manager activities also i am not able to see Split string activity

image Hello, could anyone help me i this. I am getting the validation error when I am trying to open my project in the latest version of UI path studio 4.3. item.Subject.ToLower neeed to be used.

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