Error Occur Cannot interpret token '=' at position 9 in excel

Hi Team,

I am working on an excel file, that is password protected. So i am reading that file by using Read Range Workbook.
As i am having multiple rows having similar data so i am using join for making it as a single row with all the data . It was working fine if the excel is not password protected but it is not working on my currect excel having dropdowns. I am getting error “Cannot interpret token ‘=’ at position 9”.
Attached is the .xaml file and sample attachment file.
Please help.
Entwurf nach Vorshlag Fa.RailTec.xlsx (982.8 KB)
Main.xaml (20.8 KB)

Dear @NitikaTyagi,
This code had problem:
String.Join(“;”,(from line in DTRailTec.Select(“Wagennr.='”+item(“Wagennr.”).ToString+“'”).CopyToDataTable() select Convert.ToString(line(“Arbeit”))).ToArray())

Just change to
String.Join(“;”,(from line in DTRailTec.Select(“[Wagennr.]='”+item(“Wagennr.”).ToString+“'”).CopyToDataTable() select Convert.ToString(line(“Arbeit”))).ToArray())

Hi Chientran,

Is that working in your system as i now i am getting new error-

The expression contains an invalid string constant: '[Wagennr.]=’25804365111-0’."

Thanks in advance.



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oops sorry i was using a wrong operator in the last query.
But For this
String.Join(“;”,(From line In DTRailTec.Select(“’[Wagennr.]=’”+item(“Wagennr.”).ToString+“’”).CopyToDataTable() Select Convert.ToString(line(“Schadcode”))).ToArray())

I am getting this error–Syntax error: Missing operand after ‘[Wagennr.]’ operator.",

Can you please suggest where i have to put the operand.

sr I am not online much.

(“’[Wagennr.]=’” → wrong quotation. Review pls.