Error 'multi_task Extraction Model Training Failed' while creating pipeline

Hello, while creating a training pipeline, an error called ‘ERROR: multi_task Extraction Model Training Failed’ occurred.

I couldn’t find anything about this error anywhere.
Why is this error occurring?

Hi @testbb

Never used the UiPath Document Understanding so I’m not sure whether document_understanding.semistructured.train contains your code or not but it seems that there’s a KeyError somewhere in the code.

A Python KeyError exception is what is raised when you try to access a key that isn’t in a dictionary (dict ).

full article

Hi can you let me know how you exported your dataset and how you selected your dataset in train pipeline?

You need to export your dataset in document manager and select the dataset within the dataset folder you assigned.
Your dataset should follow the following architecture:

Also what is the ML package you’re using?

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