Error: Method not found:CV application scope

While opening the CV application scope, I get an error message as,


Please help me find a solution.

@shreej Where did you download the CV application scope?

Hi @albert.yango
I have downloaded via manage packages, by adding nuget beta feed.


Have you installed it properly or not.

Please go through below thread and follow steps:

Hi @Shreej,

Please ensure that you have dependency named,
to be in v19.2.0

If the version doesn’t match then CV activities wont work.

If you find any other version delete the dependency, CV will work fine.


I have experienced this issue also, Computer Vision functions are working if manually built out but it appears the Computer Vision Recorder function is not working in 2019.5.
2019.4 still works fine.

@Shreej, the issue is that you are not using a stable ComputerVisionversion, probably a beta or alpha.
Create a new project, then remove the existing UIAutomation package, then install the latest stable version of ComputerVision.

@calmapit, what do you mean?

Thanks @Cosin I’ll try this.