Error: InvalidAuthenticationToken - in Microsoft Office 365 Scope - Find Files And Folders


I have created a workflow using Find Files And Folders activity inside Microsoft Office 365 Scope. My goal was to get the Web URL of the Folder specified in the Query

It was working fine for last 20 days (even until few hours ago), but now I’m getting this “InvalidAuthenticationToken” error code and the process stops.

Microsoft Office 365 Scope Properties:

Any idea what am I doing wrong or how can I solve the issue?
Thanks in advance

Hi @MdFuadHasan
Seeing that your OAuthApplication is UiPath, it’s possible the Interactive Token of your UiPath app has expired (which you may need to renew/regenerate by following your original setup steps)
Are you able to authenticate with the Interactive Token for test purposes (use a simple query or upload a file to test this)

I hope this helps.