Error Installing Activity in UIpath


I’m getting this error while Installing UIpath.mail.activity from Package Manager.
please, help me with this.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @mitesh_parmar,

Select All Packages in package manager and search for your Mail. Activity then download it.


i did,but still show same error.
does it because of Uipath 2018.4.2?

No,right now we don’t see any issue with this version.

For now create a new project and try it once.

Let me know if it works…

Still Same error… @kantheshm (9.7 KB)

Check out this workflow…

Is it working for you???

Hey @kantheshm i found solution i had download lower version of Uipath.mail.activity 1.0.6…
latest ones are not installing show above error.

Thank you @kantheshm for your help.


Enjoy learning with UiPath.


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