Error in UI hierarchy navigation

Hello Devs.

I’m using Click activity on the button generated in the table of a web-app.
Worked fine till today.
Encountered an error "Error in UI hierarchy navigation. "
Google search and forum didn’t return any results except for some documentation pages.
It works one run, then throws error - next run.
Ideas anyone?

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Kindly enable simulate click in the property panel of click activity and try once
And also ensure that the selector of click activity takes dynamic attribute values
That is for example if aaname is the attribute then mention the value like this in the selector


If not we can use SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as tab that will take us to that field and once after reaching then use again SEND HOT KEY activity with key as enter so that it will click on that button
It’s more like using keyboard to access the application button without using mouse
Cheers @Aryx

Hi @Aryx

is the simulate click property true?

@Palaniyappan Hi,

I’ll try enabling SimulateClick and test, the thing is it wasn’t enabled and for a week this error never popped up.
I did try activating table contained buttons ,but they didn’t react to any keys, so It seems it has to be a click.

Kindly try once
Or if that table doesn’t take any click kindly use hotkeys and before doing that repeat the same what we do manually, using uipath
With this

Cheers @Aryx

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