Error in the activity "write line"

Please tell me what is the reason for this error?
In activity Write Cell, the formula VLookup is written and it is correct, the robot does not underline it with a sign “!”, but when I start the robot, this error appears
this could be related specifically to the formula? that there is not enough data for the formula to work, but he should write it all the same, even if it does not work, but he does not write it

Please share the statement you are trying to write and/or a screenshot of your workflow.
The error indicates that one of the items in your writeline statement is empty. Could be a datatablerow, or a reference to something that does not exist (yet) at runtime… the usual.

But just posting a generic error does not give us much to help you…

when i start the robot, the activity “Write cell” shows up an error

Check the value of the range in the write cell.
I see some concatenation of ”M2:M” +data…..
If that’s some sort of datatable, and it is not initialised of filled properly, that is most commonly the source of the error.

Try a writeline of that value only and debug it.


As you are passing the variable, check whether the variable is having the value or null value

If null value then you can expect this type of error

Hope this will help you


Hi @yulya,

As @Srini84 has said, the variable you are logging is null.

Try running your code in Debug, allow the error to occur and then look at the Locals panel for your null variable

See below a link for a solution of the same error