Error in Openning UiPath Studio

Hello Expertise
Can Someone help me with this error. I am not able to open my studio with this error/

Please reinstall the tool and try again.

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Hi @KannanSuresh
Yes I have done that one, its not helping. The problem is same.

When do you encounter this error? Do you encounter this just by opening the application or on doing particular action after opening the tool?

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Hi @KannanSuresh
It occurs when I open the app.

Please try running the application with elevated rights (administrator) after restarting your machine. If that does not work, try uninstalling the application completely and launch the installer with elevated rights.

If you still can’t get the issue resolved, give details like the version you are trying to install, OS details etc in the forum.


Hi @KannanSuresh
Thank you so much for your help, I have completely uninstalled the Uipath and deleted the file error of NuGet.config, and restart my PC, and it work.
Thank you

Happy to hear that. :v:

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