Error in Open Browser activity

Hi all,
Just new to UiPath, and doing the first RPA Dev project creating the “Time in Bucharest” sequence.

I finished but getting the error below and not sure why. I added extra quotes (2nd screeshot), but no luck. I have no clue what this means.

Thanks for help in advance!

Hi @poeticchampions

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As you see from the error there are extra double quotes in starting

Just remove that and you are fine to go

It should be “


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When I first got the error it was showing as "“” so I added the 2nd " on the right. But as we see, it didn’t work. After your response, I changed it to match what you have, and that didn’t work either. I’m not sure why the extra " appeared on the left, as I didn’t enter it. I was just following the course project video.
I’ve had several issues in this bucharest time project.
I will try the project again, but I wish they would update the video.