Open Browser Step Gives Me Error Message: "End of Expression Expected" - What Do I Do?

Every time I try to Debug my activities, I get message below.

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “*website”.
End of expression expected.

What do I do to solve the problem and move forward?


Hi @roycee00,

Please include the url inside quotes ""

Warm regards,

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I put the URL inside quotes, then pressed Run. However, the UIPath screen then minimizes, a second UI Path icon appears on the taskbar, but nothing happens. What do I need to change inside the sequence of activities for the robot to run correctly?


Hi @roycee00,

You first screenshot looks like, you put 'Open browser ’ activity inside event handler. If some activities specified inside the ‘monitor events’ is triggered, then only control moves to the ‘event handler’ section and executes the activities in the container. If you want to open the browser and do something, you can declare it outside the ‘monitor events’ activity.
If you want to do something else, please share the xaml file with your requirement. It would be helpful to troubleshoot the issues. :slightly_smiling_face: