Error In Input DataTable

Hi All,

I am trying to read an input from an excel file where column headers starting from A1. However I am getting an error “Read Input File: A column named ‘Amount’ already belongs to this DataTable.”

You have two columns named Amount.


I am getting the error as instead of taking the column names as headers , I am getting Column 1 Column 2 as headers. Need to make second row as headers instead of Column 1 Column 2 etc

Your headers are in the first row of your Excel file. But you have two columns named Amount. It looks like the value is the same so just delete one of these columns from the source file.


Just rename the colimn name which is having amount as amount1

Other option is reading the excel without headers

So that it will not give you an error


There is no column named Account. It’s Amount. Why do you reply just to repeat others’ answers?


you said that to delete the column

I said to rename the column

Iam just learning UiPath

I will learn a lot from you,peter and others thanks

Thanks @postwick . Did not notice that there was two column with same name

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