Error in foreach Datatable

Hi Experts,

Error- value for required activity argument ‘Value’ was not supplied

I’m new to community. Can you please help me. I’m getting unusual error in for each data table. my variables are also correct datatype. I could not understand please help. Attaching screenshot.


I guess it’s a bug of ForEachRow in UiPath.System.Activities package 22.7.0-preview. As workaround, can you try to downgrade it to 22.4.1 etc.


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Hey @Aayushi_S

That’s the bug in the latest preview release.

Kindly go for a stable version by downgrading a step lower. That should help.


I’m using the stable version. How can I go back can you suggest

should I fix the uipath.excel.activities

What’s the current version please ?

Hello @Aayushi_S

Can go to manage package and select UiPath.System.Activities, then choose the version which is just lower to the currently selected one.


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