Getting error as value for required argument was not supplied

Hello Community,

Can anyone see why am i getting this error?

Thanks in advance.


can you share the Error Screenshot.

Hello Vaibhav,

I updated my query with required screenshot.



check the argument in which your datatable is passed.
as from the reference of your screenshot , it seems the the inputdt in Null

I’m not using argument. I’m simply trying to read data and passing that data table value to for each row. I don’t know why it is throwing this error.


then check the scope of the input data variable.

DataTable variable Input_DataTable Scope is entire automation workflow.

some members reported similar and it could be a temporary bug within the current package version. Check for a downgrade of the UiPath.System.Activities Package if possible

It worked by downgrading the system activities package.

Thanks Peter:)

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