Error in Advanced level Assignment



System1_ExtractClientInformation.xaml (10.5 KB)


Can you refresh you invoke activity arguments?
Click on ‘Import Arguments’ and then then on Edit Arguments.
Once you have done that, map your out variable to the variable you are using to update the workitem


Hi Nadim,

I am getting the same error


Please IM me your code zip. Let me have a look at it.


I have attached my total project please check it
Client Security (525.5 KB)


Hi Nadim,

Did u checked my solution


You are missing one assign in the invoke for the out argument
can yo do that and then try

It should be formulaCode


Hi Nadim,

please find the attachment for the issue i am facing


Seems your flow for extract work items is failing.
Is the browser not open and on the work-items page?


yes the browser is opening on the workitems


Can you share the xaml and also the screen of the whole log?


I have shared you the entire project


Hi Nadim,

Have you seen the project


Sorry for the delay.

So your issue is here: You have added a click for Home which should not be done as it requires the work-item page to remain open to extract client data for that particular item


@vinathkumar issue resolved?


No Nadim below error is occuring


Your selector for the getText of client info is incorrect.
Can you re-indicate it and try?


Hi Nadim

After re-indicating also the same issue i am facing Please find the attached image


From the screenshot it seems you are not able to get data filtered into WiList.

Try this remove that assign activity and have a new one, write everything from scratch in assign



After changing the assign also i am getting the same issue