Client security hash1 assignment

Hi All,
While doing client crash assignment i am facing below error.

Try this url

don’t use *


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Just Reset the test data, this happens often. Not a deal breaker.

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@Srini84 Thank you.
I am getting error while navigating to extract client information for that i have used attach browser activity here is the below error
The error because of page is not loaded(I guess).

Yes tried many times couldn’t resolve :confused:

go to (attach browser chrome.exe/acme) and click on (indecate on screen) and update the selector

cheers @RAMESH_G

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You can remap the attach browser and make it dynamic by placing * in selector


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Please ensure you choose “Chrome” in the BrowserType for AttachBrowser.

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@SowmyaLeo yes did but not getting
It is navigating to provided url in navigation activity then unable to find the work item details.
@Palaniyappan can you help here

yes tried but unable to find the work details page

This is my workflow (Attach browser with selectors and navigation activity )


You have spelled work-item in the URL incorrectly.

Change ‘work-item’ to ‘work-items’ and try again.

Try this



Change “work-item/” to “work-items/” in the ‘Navigate to’ activity and you are good to go.

@Mahesh_Gunda Thanks
I wasn’t concentrated on that

@RAMESH_G Happy to help buddy…!!

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