Error - Gsuite - Orchestrator

Good afternoon

I have an RPA in production in the orchestrator. That RPA must access a file from google drive. Two weeks ago Google updated the authentication permissions, the permissions were updated manually. In the unassisted orchestrator it presents problems when accessing the drive file, because it does not recognize the authentication of the google account. However, when it is executed with the assisted orchestrator, it does not present a problem in its execution. The same is true if it is run directly from UiPath Studio. What could be the problem that occurs, how can I correct it? The gsuite package is being used.

I’ve seen similar issues when the screen resolution is different in the production bot. But, since you’re using GSuite activities I believe the error is something else.

Can you elaborate more?, add an error message and screenshots of the properties

Hey @Edwin_Barahona

What do you mean by Assisted Orchestrator here please ?