The identity of your account profile could not be verified with Google

Hello there,

Since the company that I work for changed the Orchestrator server to another, only I’m getting this error message when I try to use the Gsuite API:

GSuite Application Scope: The identity of your account profile could not be verified with Google. Ask your administrator to enable the People Api for your project.

I dont know how sort this out. All properties on GSuite Aplication Scope are correct. Below is a part of the sequence:

so after this, did you update the new server details to the GCP?

Also can you confirm if you are using a service account?
The error clearly states that the connection was blocked by the restriction. So check the new orchestrator server is reachable? you can try by pinging it.

the new orchestrator server might not have the User Group whitelisted. You can check with IT. it is related to accessing via OAuth.

Thank you so much for the reply it gave me a clue to where start. I’ll check with th IT if the Orchestrator server have the User Group whitelisted, the others items you mentioned I believe that they were checked.


Talking with the IT team, I figured out that the company already have a few robots running on the new Orchestratror server and no problem until now, just with me. So, that make me think maybe it’s something on my studio app or some configuration on my machine, once again I dont know how to fix this