Error - Expression Activity type 'VisualBasicValue`1' requires compilation in order to run


I just finished the REFramework walkthrough from the Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive activity. Everything looks good. I even ran the “Validate Project” tool and no error was found. However, I’m getting this error when I run the whole project.

Any idea?

Marco Mendoza

Hi @mardoza

Can you change all the double quotes inside that flow and try again?

Checkout this thread


Hello @mardoza

If you run the project is it working as expected? Or failing only during validate project?

Try to reopen the project and do it once.


HI @mardoza

Can you try to run the process in the Dubug mode and share the error screenshot?

Kindly Downgrade the system package | Version 22.4.5 and check it

Check out this thread


It turns out, one of the imported arguments in the “Invoke InitAllApplications workflow” had some weird quotation marks.

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