“Error detecting project version” when opening a .xaml file

There is no need to worry about this for any new projects created in the Academic Alliance Edition, only for projects created in 2019.5+ versions (community downloaded in May 2019 or later)

We must edit the project.json file to align with our UiPath Studio version (Academic Alliance Edition is 2019.4.5). UiPath Studio projects are forward compatible but not backward compatible; this means that a project built in UiPath Studio version 2019.7 will not open in UiPath Studio version 2019.4 but a project built in 2019.4 will open in 2019.7. UiPath Studio Community Edition is always updated to the newest release version, meaning it will not make projects that are backwards compatible. Any projects that were created in the Community Edition will likely need the following editing to work with the Academic Alliance Edition version of Studio. Academic Alliance Edition Studio is the long-term support version that is aligned with the UiPath Academic Alliance course resources. The file that holds all this information is in the project folder called project.json.

Open the project.json file in any word editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Microsoft Word, etc) and follow the below instructions to make your file match the following format.

Text for copying:

"schemaVersion": "3.2",
"studioVersion": "",
"projectVersion": "1.0.0",
"runtimeOptions": {
"autoDispose": false,
"isPausable": true,
"excludedLoggedData": [
"projectType": "Workflow",
"libraryOptions": {
"includeOriginalXaml": false,
"privateWorkflows": []
"webServices": []

For more in depth information on what the project.json means, please see:
About the Project.Json File
About the Project.Json File


Great explanation @magizoologist
I will bookmark it and share it to our community once needed.

I have seen a lot of issue like these in our community.and for sure i will share this info to our community



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Yeah… it is very helpful. That’s why I tagged it under FAQ… so we can easily locate it :slightly_smiling_face:


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That’s great, and I believe it helps a lot of developers using the CE like me.

Since the CE is kept updating (which is good), it also incurs compatibility issue with the Enterprise version. Is it possible to update/maintain this code for different new releases. For example, I am facing similar problem having:
Enterprise Version: 2019.4.3
CE Version: 2019.11.0



This is not possible. As stated in the original post
“UiPath Studio Community Edition is always updated to the newest release version, meaning it will not make projects that are backwards compatible.”
and as the newer versions (re: features) come out, Studio has more and more changes between versions. The newer changes actually change the structure of the projects so in 2019.11 vs 2019.4, the changes are too different to effectively change the project.json and preserve all relevant information. I’d also like to note that UiPath does not recommend changing the project.json; this was a work-around for the Academic Alliance professors and students once we released a different version for their use.

This post is only relevant to change projects made in up to Studio version 2019.9 (the community version when we released the Academic Alliance Edition of Studio) and for compatibility with Studio version 2019.4 (the current version of Academic Alliance Edition) which is why this post was made. All professors partnered with the Academic Alliance should have notified their students to download the Academic Alliance edition before 2019.10 was released.

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Thanks a lot for your detail explanation and prompt reply even on Sunday. Your advice is well noted and seems that the best option is to update the Enterprise version to 2019.10 (the latest LTS version).


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