Error creating new Visual Studio UiPath SDK project

The path is not of a legal form.

I get this every time I try to create a new project using the extension. Happens on any variation of the project path. Judging by the stack trace it’s an error copying NuGet files in the UiPathActivityCreator Wizard


Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019
Version 16.4.2

Hi @lroos

Try to change the path of the Nuget pkg and check it out

Ashwin S

There is no way for me to change that. Maybe I need to clarify that this is the UiPath Activity Creator and it’s on the first step of the new project wizard. It is the same error for any path, with or without running as administrator.


I’m also facing the same issue. Can someone please help.


I’ve just discovered a workaround - if you create a new blank solution, save it, and then add a new UiPath project to the solution, it will work. Ends up adding 5 projects:
That wizard seems very buggy; there are even errors if you put a space in your project name. Poor workmanship.

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