Error: Connect to database: The specified invariant name 'MySql.Data.MySqlClient' wasn't found in the list of registered .NET Data Providers.“MySql.Data.MySqlClient” not avaliable in provider name

I am facing this error.

Error: Connect to database: The specified invariant name ‘MySql.Data.MySqlClient’ wasn’t found in the list of registered .NET Data Providers.

Hi @Aastha_Singh

Please use the relevant connection string from here


Hello @Aastha_Singh
Check your workflow, otherwise made a connection by using the connection wizard property.
Refer to this thread, you may get some idea

There could be two issues as :
The above issue means that your connection string format is not correct.
Below is the correct format:
if using MS SQL Server : “Data Source=ServerNameValue;Initial Catalog=DatabaseNameValue;User ID=UserNameValue;Password=PasswordValue;Encrypt=False”
and ProviderName should be : System.Data.SqlClient

If using MYSQL : Server=ServerNameValue;Port=PortNoValue;Database=DatabaseNameValue;Uid=UserNameValue;Pwd=PasswordValue; and ProviderName should be :

Other issue could be if you are using latest version of UiPath Studio like 22.10.3 then while creating new Process make sure you use Compatibility as Windows Legacy(based on .NET Framework 4.6.1) and not the Windows (based on .NET Framework 6.0)


yeah, but Windows Legacy will be phased out. so another solution has to be found

or we need to wait that they update the package activities to be compatible with .net 6

@uipath when would that be planned?

We fixed this issue by downgrading the UiPath.Database.Activites package to version 1.6.1.

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hi all,

the issue should be solved now.
The package has been updated and is compatible with .net 5