Error with SqlClient after convert from Windows legacy to windows

Studio version 2022.10.3
After convert from Windows-Legacy to Windows I get an error when I run my project:
Connect til XXXXXXXXXX database: The specified invariant name ‘System.Data.SqlClient’ wasn’t found in the list of registered .NET Data Providers.

Hello @Claus

After the conversion have you updated all the dependent packages? If not go to manage package and update all the packages to the latest stable version especially the database package.


Hello Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Yes I have updated all Project packages also UiPath.Database.Activity (1.7.1).


UiPath.Database.Activities 1.61 has dependency System.Data.SqlClient.

UiPath.Database.Activities 1.71 has dependency Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.

If you want to keep using System.Data.SqlClient as the Provider Name in the Connect activity, downgrade the UiPath.Database.Activities package to 1.61.

If you want to use the UiPath.Database.Activities package version 1.71, change the Provider Name in the Connect activity to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.