MySQL Provider isn't available in database connect activity

After immigrated the project from the legacy version to windows, the database connect activity is not working. Before the update, the Provider Name was working correctly as “MySql.Data.MySqlClient” (as a string), but now in the project version to windows using the same version of the package as before, the activity is not giving the option of MySQL.Data.MySqlClient.
MySQL was sucessfully unistalled and then installed again but it doesn’t resolved the problem. If I run the project as legacy to windows version, the activity works correctly! But when the windows version of the project is runned, the following message if retorned in the Database activity:
Connect to database: The specified invariant name ‘MySql.Data.MySqlClient’ wasn’t found in the list of registered .NET Data Providers.

UiPath.Database.Activities: Version 1.7.1


Thank you for reporting this @Tiago_Martin, we will have a look!

HI @Tiago_Martin

Indeed the MySQLClient is missing.

After discussions with UiPath support, a workaround is to use a configuration in ‘ODBC Data Source Administrator’ (install it if you don’t have it).

Under System DSN, you need to click 'Add…:

Choose MySQL … ANSI:

Fill correctly the information and click ‘Test’, it should make a connection:

If the connection is successfully made, click Ok and return in UiPath.

Open the wizard and you should see under ODBC data source the Data source name you created

does this help?