Error at finding element

There are three link button sometime it appears two times sometimes it appears three times we have to click on particular button which has same name how we click .

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Hi @Gauri_Rawool

Try this

Use Find Children activity and using for each loop you can click on each one.

Ashwin S

But don’t have to click on every button. we only want to click on policy feed file download link.Which sometimes comes in second position sometimes in third. So i can find Policy Feed file text and click on its link button.

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Hi @Gauri_Rawool,

If you have created a xaml can you share it i can debug and fix it and return it here

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Hi Gauri,

you can pass the Policy feed to the variable str,later u can pass the string value to the selector .
it would be better option.
Note : check the selector and make it dynamic:)

Sorry we can’t share xaml file because it contains website credentials.

we tried this but selectors are dynamic.

then try with Reliable element using Recording ?
Hope it will work

Hi @Gauri_Rawool please use
Find Relative Element activity give POlicy Element on one side and click on other side hope it works.Just try it.It will work for sure

Use Anchor base activity@Gauri_Rawool