Error: Another Instance Of Team Viewer Is Already Running. Please Close It Before Starting

Hello, I am using RPA for automatic file transfer from a remote PC through Team Viewer APP.

The team viewer is always open on my PC and I just want to access it without again opening new TeamViewer window. I am using “Use Application/Browser” activity. But I always get an error message saying “Another instance of TeamViewer is already running. Please close it”.


There is one option besides “Application Path” in the activity…In that even if i select “Focus Current Opened Instance”, it still tries to open a new instance and create that error message

I also tried to mention " Only if not Open" option in the properties section.


But nothing seems to work.
Can anyone help me with this?


@Pradyumna_TK are you try kill process activity for team viewer before opening team viewer

Hi @Pradyumna_TK

You can try with Close Application activity


<wnd app='teamviewer.exe' cls='#32770' title='TeamViewer' />


Hello @Gokul001 @raja.arslankhan …I do not want to kill or close the process as it takes more time to open it again and make it ready for connection…If i initially keep the app closed and open it, it does not show error…But i want to reduce the execution time

But the problem is that the “Use Application/Browser” activity is trying to open new window

I want to prevent this

@Pradyumna_TK please check in activity there is one option
→ open
It should be If Not Open

As mentioned in the question, I tried that as well…but does not work…I dont know why?

@Pradyumna_TK Can you share the selector of the open app/browser activity?