Error: Another Instance Of Team Viewer Is Already Running. Please Close It Before Starting

Hello, I am using RPA for automatic file transfer from a remote PC through Team Viewer APP.

The team viewer is always open on my PC and I just want to access it without again opening new TeamViewer window. I am using “Use Application/Browser” activity. But I always get an error message saying “Another instance of TeamViewer is already running. Please close it”.


There is one option besides “Application Path” in the activity…In that even if i select “Focus Current Opened Instance”, it still tries to open a new instance and create that error message

I also tried to mention " Only if not Open" option in the properties section.


But nothing seems to work.
Can anyone help me with this?


@Pradyumna_TK are you try kill process activity for team viewer before opening team viewer

Hi @Pradyumna_TK

You can try with Close Application activity


<wnd app='teamviewer.exe' cls='#32770' title='TeamViewer' />


Hello @Gokul001 @raja.arslankhan …I do not want to kill or close the process as it takes more time to open it again and make it ready for connection…If i initially keep the app closed and open it, it does not show error…But i want to reduce the execution time

But the problem is that the “Use Application/Browser” activity is trying to open new window

I want to prevent this

@Pradyumna_TK please check in activity there is one option
→ open
It should be If Not Open

As mentioned in the question, I tried that as well…but does not work…I dont know why?

@Pradyumna_TK Can you share the selector of the open app/browser activity?


Hie @Robert_Lansbergen …Sorry for the late reply…I am not using the “open app/browser” activity as I am keeping the app open all the time on my system…As shown above in the question, I am using “Use application” activity to access the Teamviewer app.

Hi @Pradyumna_TK My apologies, thats what I meant “Use application/browser” activity.

Could you share the selector?
Also, what is the version of your UiAutomation activities? Maybe updating to the latest version will help aswell.


This is the selector window…ANd yea, i will try to update the package and check it…will let you know if it works

With my community edition with version 22.4.7 (UiAutomation activities) its working properly with this selector.

Tried these settings:

Close: Never
Input mode: Simulate (Hardware events also works)
Open: IfNotOpen
Resize: None
Windows attach mode: Application instance (Single window also works)


Hie @Robert_Lansbergen …yea I updated my package to 22.10.1 and used the settings as you mentioned and it worked…Thank you so much for your support :smiley:

Also…One more important thing I noticed is that…If you are using “Use browser/application” activity multiple times, the path of the application mentioned must be the same every time…In my case, it happened that at one place i used the path of the app icon on my desktop and another time, i used the path of the app in my “C -Drive” …So the UI path considers as 2 different apps and was trying to open it again which gives this kind of error.

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