Error after upgrade library: Method not found: 'Void UiPath.Core.Activities.LogMessage.set_Level(UiPath.Core.Activities.CurentLogLevel)

After I release a new library package and upgrade this package in another project, I start getting this errors that start with: “Method not found: 'Void UiPath.Core.Activities.LogMessage.set_Level(UiPath.Core.Activities.CurentLogLevel)…” The following messages are the name of the components. The library was published with no error. The error still occurs after I revert to the previous library package

Any suggestions on that? thanks!

Update: I recently upgrade UiPath Studio from 2019.4.4 to 2019.10.4. When revert the library package to previous version that uses 2019.4.4, it works fine in the project. But any library package published in 2019.10.4 causes that error above. I copied all xamls from the last successful library package in 2019.4.4 to 2019.10.4 and publish it without any code change and it still cause the error above.

Right-click on the dependency and click “Repair”. Try this with the new version first, and if that doesn’t work, try reverting to an older version and using “Repair”.

Repair dependency option is gray out and i cannot click on it

@vgbot You should compile the library with a newer version of UiPath.System.Activities.
This issue happens when you compile a library with an older version of UiPath.System.Activities but you use that library in a process with a newer version of UiPath.System.Activities.
Please check out Important! note here: