After updating uipath packages from 2018 to 2019 I am facing validation error(“Method not found: 'Void UiPath.Core.Activities.LogMessage.set_Level(UiPath.Core.Activities.CurentLogLevel)

When I update uipath packages to new version i.e - 2019 version then I am facing validation errors when I am trying to publish the package

validation error - “Method not found: 'Void UiPath.Core.Activities.LogMessage.set_Level(UiPath.Core.Activities.CurentLogLevel)

I have updated UiPath.System.[Activities] - 19.10.1 version

any suggestion to deal with this validation errors?
Thanks in Advance

HI @hemasai.06

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You should compile the library with a newer version of UiPath.System.Activities.
This issue happens when you compile a library with an older version of UiPath.System.Activities but you use that library in a process with a newer version of UiPath.System.Activities.

Please check out Important! note here: About Libraries


Try to reinstall the package or downgrade the package and check it once.

Hi @hemasai.06 can you try to downgrade again and check whether issue still persist


Hi @nikhil.girish ,

If I revert back to 2018 version it is working fine. Only when I update to 2019 version I am facing error

Any reason for upgrading the package @hemasai.06

we(our company) is upgrading to 2019 version of Uipath applicationdue to which we need to update all related packages

Hi @hemasai.06

have look on this Document


Understood @hemasai.06

So I guess you have enterprise license ?

I am not sure, where can I check or this is something my organization need to provide

Hi @hemasai.06 can you check with your organisation or you can check in orchestrator

go to cloud
click on admin and navigate to your licenses

I don’t have access to check, I will check with organization.

Thanks for support

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Sure @hemasai.06

Reason i am asking about the license if its a enterprise version we can get in touch with uipath technical support team