Error: Activity cannot be in another screen scope container

What is this error and how to resolve it?

Modify the Container of Attach window or attach Browser.

tell me this like i’m using UIpath studio for the 5th time

@KD11 Are you using Use Application/Browser activity in your workflow

yes application

@KD11 Can you place all the activities in a single Use Application /Browser activity and check once

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My problem is resolved… I moved things around and removed a sequence…i dont know what exactly solved my problem… but here is the final working outline

but can you tell me what the problem was?
why did i get that error?

@KD11 What does the sequence contains the one that you removed. Does it contains another Use Application/Browser activity

the sequence that i removed did NOT contain an Application…

As you can see in the screenshot above… the application is used only in one place

since i was trying many things and making changes… i dont exactly remember what was inside the sequence that I removed… i took the activites out of the sequence and removed the sequence

@KD11 It looks like you have used normal activity (not CV activity) within the CV Screen Scope ‘tree’ workflow. I am thinking that is why the error shows as activity cannot be used in another screen scope container while processing tree workflow since the normal activity is already within the application/browser and now again you are tying to keep the same activity under CV screen scope container. That might cause this issue

I’ll keep in mind not to use non-CV activities inside CV scope

@KD11 Please don’t forget close this topic so that it might help others with the similar issues

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