EpsilonAI Smart data extract

New UIPath user here evaluating the software for my company. The exact functionality I am seeking is demonstrated in this video.
It appears this EpsilonAI.SmartData.Activities package is no longer available in the nuget.org package source. Is there a replacement solution available?

Hi @ridesn,

Which UiPath studio version are you using?

Go to manage packages → All packages and add EpsilonAI.SmartData.Activities package to your project.

Hi sangeethaneelavannan1,

I am using UIPath Studio 2022.10.3

When I test this I get no search results in the ‘Manage Packages’ popup. My nuget source is the default: https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json

@ridesn Even I am using same studio version

Hi again sangeethaneelavannan1,
Thank you for providing the screenshot, the “Convert to Windows” banner at the top lead me to the solution.
Once I created a new project and specified Compatibility “Windows - Legacy” the nuget package EpsilonAI.SmartData.Activities then appeared in the Package Manager. Thank you!


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