UiPath.Workday.Activities package - Unable to find package ActiproSoftware.Wpf


I just started using the UiPath.Workday.Activities package. I get an error each time I launch the UiPath project:

NU1101: Unable to find package ActiproSoftware.Wpf

The activities seem to be working fine but the error is disconcerting.

I’ve tried:

  • regressing back through the Workday.Activities older versions.

  • verifying that my .net framework was current

  • uninstalling UiPath, removing all uipath .nuget packages and reinstalling

Any ideas?


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Hello @cynthia.libby,

This is a good catch. Originally the ActiproSoftware.Shared.Wpf Nuget was hosted on nuget.org. The google search engine has an index of the page and its located at https://www.nuget.org/packages/ActiproSoftware.Shared.Wpf. But Actipro Software has removed the Nuget from all public nuget hosting sites.

The only fix for this is UiPath has to bundle the respective dll within the activity package or host it on thier gallery nuget server.


Hello @loginerror,

You may have these details already and UiPath may be working it. But never the less wanted to report his to you, so that you can get this to the right team internally.

When installing UiPath.Workday.Activties , all versions have the dependency of ActiproSoftware.Wpf as shown below:

This packge is not available online on any of the default nuget feeds.

UiPath will have to bundle it with the package or host it on https://gallery.uipath.com/.

Thanks & Regards,

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Thanks - glad you found the old page on nuget. It makes more sense that it was there and working at one point.

I guess I need to file a support ticket. Have not done that yet.

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Hi @cynthia.libby

Thank you for the report, I informed the responsible team. We will come back with updates.

A fix is expected to be live next week.


FYI, we have released 1.2.1-preview to the feeds and Connect at UiPath.Workday.Activities package - Unable to find package ActiproSoftware.Wpf. This contains a fix to this issue. Please upgrade to this release and let us know should it not resolve your issue.