Enum value type activity error

Im trying to create custom enum value type, but while trying to use it i’m getting an error which i have attached.

, and here is VS code for that:

using System;
using System.Activities;
using System.ComponentModel;

namespace EnumStatus
public class Status:CodeActivity

    public InArgument<OrderStatus> SetStatus { get; set; }
    public OutArgument<OrderStatus> GetStatus { get; set; }

    protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context)
        OrderStatus setStatus = SetStatus.Get(context);
        OrderStatus getStatus = setStatus;

    public enum OrderStatus
        Open = 1,
        Closed = 2,
        InQueue = 3,
        Locked = 4


What is wrong here all thoughts are appreciated.

I have figure it out, topic to close.

Hi @rado

Please share your solution if you’ve found one :slight_smile:
You can then mark it as solved using this button and the topic will auto-close after 3 days from last reply :slight_smile:

Right, i’ve just created custom nuget package with Enum value type definition.

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