Entries in Execution log with 'Audit: Using Excel File:'

Is it possible to exclude the Audit log entries, when using the Modern Excel Activities?

It’s the entries with ‘Audit: Using Excel File: (filename)’ in the Execution logs.
I’m using UiPath v.2022.10.3, and the UiPath.Excel.Activities v.2.16.0.


Unfortunately, at this time, there seems no option to control audit log in Excel.Activities package, although UiAutomation - modern has it. It might be good to send or raise a topic regarding feature request of this settings.


Hey @MarkDSVT

You can set the log level to trace as mentioned in the above screenshot and I hope your assistant is logging only the info and higher levels.

Make it private to avoid local logging too.

This may help if you want to avoid logs in production orchestrator un-attended runs.

Hope this helps.


I have made a feature request :grinning:

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