How can I deactivate Audit Log Messages?

Hello everyone,

I found the following thread to deactivate the audit logs:

Sadly this does not work for me.
I still see audit log messages in UiPath and Orchestrator:

I have Studio Version 2021.10.3

Do you guys have any ideas? :smiley:

Thanks in advance,

Hi @bibalesecret

Did you turn it off in both Debug and Run modes?

What version of studio are you using? Are you using modern activities?

Yes :smiley:

What version of studio are you using?

What are you using modern activities?

I have tried on my side and out of most of the activities, only Use Excel File is being logged.

I have Studio Version 2021.10.3 and use a mix of modern and classic.
But the audit log for use excel file is from the modern excel activities.

Same here then

Do you know if it’s a bug?

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I think being able to disable those is only implemented for uiautomation… We’ll see if it can be implemented for other activities as well.


Would be nice to be able to fully control the logging flow. I am talking not only about Audit logging, but also every other log message that is being logged without explicit usage of Log Message activity.

Some of us are really paying attention to what and how the execution needs to be logged.

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Hey Maciej! Is there any update for this issue? I really need to be able to hide these logs for security reasons

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