Audit logs in Modern Design Experience

Hi there,

I’ve been using (and loving!) the Modern Design Experience for all of my new projects lately.
However, it’s automatically generating lots of ‘Audit’ logs.
I can see how these can be valuable but, frankly, they clutter the logs quite a bit with information we’re not always interested in.

I’ve been looking around for an option to either disable these audit logs or change their logging level (their default level is Info), but I have not found a way to do so.

Is there any way to customize the behavior of these logs, or apply a filter to them?
If not, please consider this post a request for such a feature :slight_smile:


I’m facing the same problem. There is no way of disabling Audit logs for me it seems.

I hope they will change the log level from Info to Trace, if they are not planning to create a disable/enable functionality around it.

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I also tried to set the “Private” option to True in the Properties panel, unfortunately it did not help, the Audit logs are still being is displayed…

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I haven’t found any way to disable it either.
It’s getting particularly silly in this new project I’ve been working on, where the audit logs are making up about 90% of all the logs. All of which are providing no useful information whatsoever. It’s making MDE projects exceedingly frustrating to keep track of.

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Sorry guys for the very late response. I will send a reminder to the team about this case.
For the moment from what I know, there is no option to filter/disable those audit logs but I will try to get some information about it.

@Cosin - please take a look at this

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Thanks for pointing it out.
Yes we could drop these a level, to trace. Would that help?

Also, I see in this thread that Use app/browser and Extract table seem to be the culprits. Were there others that you feel are too verbose?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I was on a short break.

Yes, dropping them to trace would be great! Though having some sort of checkbox in the ‘audit-enabled’ activities to enable/disable the functionality would be ideal, if at all possible.

I think the main ‘culprit’ (for me, at least) is definitely the Use app/browser activity.
Consider the screenshot in my most recent post. These are logs from an automation that goes through 20+ different SAP screens for each transaction.
The screen descriptor that’s used in these activities is intentionally made as generic as possible because the order in which the screens appear can vary from time to time. Due to this, the audit logs themselves are identical every time.

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Ok, we’ll start with these two and if there are any others let us know.

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Thanks so much!

While we work on that, there is also the option to exclude them from the logs using the “excludedLoggedData” flag in project.json.

More info here

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Thanks for the suggestion. It doesn’t seem to work for me though. Here’s how I tried to set it up:

According to the documentation, this should prevent all activities with names that start with ‘Use Application’. But I’m still getting the audit log when testing it using the activity below:

Am I missing something, maybe?

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Rather than dropping them to an existing log level, how about giving them their own log level of Audit? It should be between Trace and Verbose.

Doesn’t work for me either, has Aram found another issue?

Would be really handy to have this working for when the external auditors come in and make ones life difficult to debug issues when you are trying to locate a policy based on the data that you are not allowed to log anymore :frowning:

So would like to turn on and off when required…

@Raluca_Laic, any updates on this?

It would be of great help if this gets fixed, audit logs fill up 90% of the logs of my latest automation

Any updates regarding this topic?
It is very annoying to receive logs that you don’t need to…and it is a huge volume…

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Hello UIPath team,

it is now more than 1 year later and still no solution to this simple to solve but annoying problem.

we also have this problem and would really like to see a solution to turn these undesired logged messages off.

Hello you could check here if ur on a new version of UiPath.

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