Entity field is not a guid format error

I am trying to enter the radio button selectd value to relationship type field in dataservice. but it showing the field not a guid format,Please can any one help me out this



Can you share the expression you used to assign the value or the type of value

Cheers @panguluri_saritha

Here the radio button output is binding to app variablr and in the event for submit button i created a dataservice in that leave type field is relationship type with another entity text field

so i used fx GUID(app variable leave type) for trying
but entity internal error is coming

Hi @panguluri_saritha - This is happening because the RadioButton.SelectedValue is not recognized as a valid entity data type today but rather as a text value.

The way to solve it will be make sure that the assignment to “LeaveRequest.LeaveType” is done to the correct record type from your entities.

I am going to assume that your related entity is called “LeaveType” and has a field called “Type” that is being shown on the radio button.

The assignment to LeaveRequest.LeaveType then should have a formula like LOOKUP(LeaveType, [LeaveType.Type, "=", RadioButton.SelectedValue]).Id or replace RadioButton.SelectedValue with your app variable.

Thank you @ankit.saraf

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