Entities Not Updating In Azure DevOps After Deployment To A New Environment

Why are data service entity updates failing in Production when they worked correctly in the Development environment?

Issue Description:

Entity updates are published correctly in Dev, pushed to Orchestrator, downloaded, then uploaded/published to Production, but the entities in Production are not updated to reflect the current entities.

Resolution: Steps to perform,

  1. Log into the production server
  2. Download the package from Azure DevOps
  3. Repair the entities
  4. Publish from the Production server to Automation Cloud Orchestrator.

This is the only way that the Unattended Robot will recognize entities in production correctly, as the entity descriptor stored inside of the deployed package does not match 1:1 when publishing from Dev/QA to Production, even though both entities look exactly the same in both environments and the automation performs them as expected when run from Studio.