DEVOPS for UIPATH- Updating Process

I am exploring on DEVOPS features for UIPATH projects. I have used Jenkins and able to build and deploy the package.

Once new package is deployed we need to update the process. Is there any way to automate or any command which can automate this process?


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This feature recently implemented in latest version of Cloud Orchestrator. At the time of creating robot go to settings tab and you can find option like update packages automatically. It’s toogle button. If you check this then your published packages will be updated automatically. No need to update it manually every time after publishing project.

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Do you know if that feature always updates automatically? Let’s say, hypothetically, you have a version number that was generated by using the Publish button in Studio and that number is like 1.1.12345. But, the version number from DevOps is generated as 1.1. This means that the latest version will “always” be the generated version from Studio rather than DevOps.

Obviously, you can simply remove the inactive versions to resolve this. But am just wondering if this could cause some potential mistakes in what version is used. Or like could you manually update down a version if desired and it not automatically change it back, which would be needed if a new version is not yet usable?



If your Robot Machine connected to Orchestrator and publish the project then it will be updated automatically. It’s optional. If we want this then we can use else uncheck it.

If new version is not working as desired then you can update down to previous version manually.

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Thanks Laskman for the quick response it may resolve my problem. However just want to know this feature available in community or enterprise version? Because I am using community version of orchestrator (version 2019.9.357) not seeing any option related to update package automatically.

Thanks for pointing out this loop hole. When we decide to use DevOps, never use publish from studio feature because that will be taken care in Jenkins, we just need to check in the latest code in to version control system.

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can you give insights on how to use Jenkins in the project to connect through different environments?

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