Enterprise Product Upgrade: LTS or FTS?

Installer(.exe or .msi): UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Enterprise

Studio/Robot version: 2018.3.2

Current behavior: NA

Screenshot: NA


Can you please let me know which version is recommended for upgrade: Long Term Support (LTS) or Fast Track Support (FTS)?
The latest version 2019.4 is FTS and LTS version is 2018.4. We see the support window of FTS is short while that of LTS is comparatively longer.
Considering my company is using Enterprise license, which version would you recommend us to go for?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Siddarth_Nair

Can you install entreprise edition based on license so it is 2019.4.0


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Hi @Siddarth_Nair

I would also recommend to use the FTS which has the version number 2019.4 for your upgrade


Thanks @AshwinS2 and @Lahiru.Fernando for your valuable inputs. As per my understanding:
FTS versions are the ones under testing and may not be a stable version. Once the version is thoroughly verified and stable the version is rolled out as Long Term Support (LTS) version. Can you please verify my understanding?
I am inspired with the latest version but considering the short support window of the FTS (to avoid frequent upgrades) and the possibility of unstablity, I am not sure to go forward with FTS or LTS. Frequent upgrades will incur company costs as thorough testing will be required after every upgrade process. But please let me know your thoughts.

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