More API based connectors, more automations--and more value

Please Join us for “Connect to your workflow processes with Integration Service and API automation”.

In this edition of Connector Corner, we’ll discuss not only our usual, and rapidly expanding, Line-of-Business connectors, but also what’s new in Gen AI connectors, as well as some exciting news regarding pre-built, IT system automation connectors, including a demo with the new HTTP Web Hook Connector.

This Community webinar also provides the time to take a closer look at pre-Studio capabilities as provided by UiPath Integration Service. Fore example, each connector shares a centralized and simplified way of authenticating and authorizing usage across different protocols, such as Oau. Once authorized, users can easily create or modify connections to multiple systems.

And of course, Connector Builder for Integration Service

We’ll demonstrate the API-based Connector Builder, and how easy it is to build your own custom connector for the system your automation requires.

Please register here for our 10:00am EST session, or 3:00PM GMT, both on February 6th.

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