Ending the job due to no transactions, even if they are still in the queue

Hi UiPath Community,

I have a problem it one of my automation. I’m using a reference to filter (filter strategy: StartsWith) and retrieve a queue item and after a few sec/transactions the bot finishes the run due to “Process finished due to no more transaction data” but the transaction items are still in the queue. It only happens with one specific reference"UpdateETA", and it is working fine without the Get transaction item filtering. Maybe it takes the queue item too fast (im using API calls to process the transactions) or too many bot are taking the transaction in the same time (I’m using 6 bots).

BTW. There is no error from Get transaction item, it just says no data.

Do you know about the get transaction item limitation or you guys had similar issue?
Thanks for help.

Hi @Androj
It’s difficult to say exactly what might be causing the issue without more information, but here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Make sure that the reference you are using to filter the queue items is correct and that the items you expect to be returned are actually matching the filter criteria.
  2. Check to see if there are any other bots or processes that might be competing with your automation to retrieve items from the queue. If there are, you might want to consider implementing some kind of synchronization mechanism to prevent multiple bots from trying to retrieve the same item at the same time.
  3. Consider increasing the frequency with which your automation checks for new items in the queue. If it is checking too infrequently, it might miss items that are added to the queue between checks.
  4. Check to see if there are any errors or messages being logged that might provide more information about what is causing the issue

Kaviyarasu N

@Kaviyarasu_N thank you for the quick reply.

re 1. I’ve checked it, the reference is correct.
re 2. This is my this is suspect because, 6 bot are getting transaction and it might be in the same time, but why it’s working without filtering the reference or with different references. Do you have any idea how to sync the bots?
re 3. The queue trigger is working there, but it happens even if I trigger the bot manually.
re 4. No errors, just no transaction. I’ve checked it on debug mode as well.

Hello @Androj
Is it skipping all the transactions of ID “UpdateETA” or a few transactions?
Also, can you try only a few transaction and execute them with a single bot?


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for you reply. It processes a few (10-20) and ends.
It seems to work fine for a single bot. Therefore, I may be that the bots are fetching the same transaction at the same time and showing no data because it is already taken.

Usually, it will not happen for multi-bot execution if you are using the queue. Bots will fetch only items which are in new status.Have you checked the logs?


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Yes, I checked the logs (see below), and even replicated this issue in Studio’s debug mode. No errors.
I’m 100% sure that there are still items with status “New” in the queue.