End Parallel at the end of 1 sequence

There are two sequences. It is necessary to complete the second one in succession when the first is completed. How is it with the property “condition”?

Then why don’t you keep the sequence 2 after sequence 1.

Karthik Byggari

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Then we can place those sequence one next to another without using parallel
So that once the first gets executed the second one will get executed successively

Cheers @Leonid_Bernatskikh

Sequence 1 has many actions. The tooltip should be executed until they complete the task

Yes buddy
If they are placed in sequence the second sequence will get executed only when the first completes execution
So we can place them in sequence
Cheers @Leonid_Bernatskikh

The start should be at the same time

You mean like both the sequence should start executing same time
If so using parallel activity is fine
But if we want them to get executed successively then placing them one after the other will run them in sequence
Cheers @Leonid_Bernatskikh