Error entering email address - 'End of expression expected.'

First day in the academy and following along with the tutorial, finding My Unicorn Name. I’m at the stage where I’ve added Use the Desktop Outlook App, and the Send Email activity but when I enter the email address and the subject as the instructor does, I get a red exclamation message -

Argument 'To": Compiler error(s) encountered processing “”. End of expression expected.

I’ve tried adding various quotes but can go no further. The only difference is the ‘Text builder’ option does not appear as it does in the video. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

hi @gerry.d.hayes,

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Can you share a screenshot of the code and error? Thanks.

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Hi @gerry.d.hayes,

Please try putting the Subject Name and the To value in double quotes. It will be like this:

“Unicorn Name”

Hope this helps.

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Hello @gerry.d.hayes
The string always passes in Double quotes, Like

"Unicorn Name"


Thanks for your answers. I suspected that quotation marks were required but was having no joy adding them. The problem was my weird habit of putting the last set of quotes in first, and then navigating back to the start of the string and entering the opening set of quotations. The interface seemed to put an extra set of quotes at the end of the ones I entered which then caused the same error.

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