Expression String Data Manipulation

Does anybody know what this error message means?

It pops up once I try to run a string data manipulation automation.

Thank you.

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Can you show us your expression of the Assign activity (Get author)?
Can you share your workflow?


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Hi @lebravebiyo

Can you try add more details in your inquiry.As i can see you are splitting message that doesnt have a value on it.

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This is what you were asking for correct?


Thank you for sharing your expression.

If message does not contain “author”, LastIndexOf method returns -1. Then Substring method does not accept negative value as argument. As a result “StartIndex cannot be less than zero” was occured.

Can you check if your message contains “author”?
If there is a possibility it does not contains it, perhaps you should handle for this case.


Where do I see if message contents author? In the sequence annotation?

It says “author X” in the sequence annotation.

That’s the only info the video demo provided.