End execution of job

Hi All. Is there an activity to stop a job (kicked off by Orchestrator, but it shouldn’t matter)? I don’t want to throw an error, and Terminate Workflow just moves on to the next workflow. I want to show the job as complete with no errors, not stopped or killed. This could happen anytime in the process, for example if the file has already been processed that day, or if there are no files to process. Any ideas? Using the REFramework. Thanks.

Hi @steve3886

It would seem like this could be done as part of your process design. You could have it check for specific conditions and simply don’t do anything if there is nothing to process. This is kind of how it works right now, where running the ReFramework process with no items in a queue will end up as a Successful job in Orchestrator, because it run, checked that there is no items to process and then finished.

Otherwise, could you tell us more about your specific use-case so that we can understand your request a bit better? :slight_smile:

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Thanks Maciej. I’m just wondering generally if there’s such an activity. For example, you’re in Workflow 3, and, due to a combination of results from Workflows 1 and 2, want to end execution. You don’t want to run Workflows 4 and 5, or go back to the parent workflow, or throw Errors that aren’t really errors. Similar to System.Environment.Exit in C#. You can do it with enough nested If activates, but that gets ugly fast. Thanks.

Although I don’t think such activity exists, it looks like a simple flowchart could achieve such result. In the end, to finish the transaction as Successful you only need to lead your execution flow to an exit point.

As such, you could lead your flowchart flow to one specific point called “exit” based on some decision flows on the way.

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