How to exit a transaction without terminating the workflow

How to stop a transaction and proceed to the next transaction from the queue in case of an issue or error.
I am using REFramework and processing couple of transactions via orchestrator queue, whenever business exceptions occurs (like wrong data, irrelevant data, out of range) , I want to stop the workflow or transaction and proceed to another transaction without killing or termination the workflow. Can anyone please provide a solution?

Hi there @Madhu_Chollangi,
By default, the ReFramework should set the transaction status to fail and move onto the next available case.

This, however, will not occur during the initialisation state, as no cases have been retrieved at that time.

Basically, anything that occurs within the process state, will set the status of the item, before moving onto the next available, successful or otherwise.

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Use ‘Continue’ activity at appropriate place…

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