Encrypt text in txt file

I have a text file which contains
I need “abcd” to be encryted.

In the encrypted block for the variable KEY—what must be the input given.

how do we replace “abcd” to encypted text in file

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what is the difference between text and the key(see the image attached by me)

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for more info



  • Key - The key that you want to use to encrypt the specified file. This field supports only strings and String variables.
  • Text - The text that you want to encrypt. This field supports only strings and String variables.
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were you able to encrypt now buddy @KarthikBallary

Thank you all.
How do I restrict it to encrypt only once. If user runs for the send time it must not encrypt

simple buddy
next to this encrypt text activity use a assign activity with a variable of type boolean
like this
encrypted_bool =True
where encrypted_bool is a variable of type boolean with a default value of FALSE in the variable panel
–keep these two activities within the if condition buddy and put condition like this buddy
encrypted_bool = False
–if this condition passes it will go to the THEN part of if condition where you will be having these two activities (encrypt text and assign activity)
–when running for first time this boolean variable will be of default value FALSE, and it will go to the THEN part and once encrypted, because of the assign activity the boolean variable will get assigned with TRUE
–so when it is run second time by another user, as the boolean value is now assigned with TRUE it will not go for THEN part rather will go to ELSE part and thus wont encrypt

Thats all buddy you are done
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did that work buddy @KarthikBallary

was busy with other work will try and let you know. Thank you

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sure buddy @KarthikBallary